Your Portfolio, Powered by AI

As your asset management team, we partner with you to grow the value of your portfolio. We create automated investment strategies guided by economic and trading principles with a proven track record rooted in technology and data science. With access to vast sets of Big Data, we analyze and test the accuracy of our systems against historical events to create bulletproof assets and portfolios for our clients.

Our Services

Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have a well established portfolio, we can help you to grow your wealth. Our team of asset managers have valuable experience in cryptocurrencies, stocks, options, commodities, indices and other powerful investment opportunities that will help you reach your investment goals. Avantera Capital’s technology shares performance reporting and prediction analysis based on historical data, allowing you to unlock key insights on a wide array of investment opportunities.

How We Do Things Differently

Advanced Technology

Our mission is derived from our dedication to constantly create new ways of managing assets that are more systematic and based on historical economic and investment data. This has allowed Avantera Capital the advantage of hyper-accuracy and less human involvement, which has resulted in higher profits for our clients.

Realized Returns

We focus on a well balanced mix of trading and investing to attain daily returns that contribute to the growth of your wealth and portfolio. These returns are realized returns, and so the investment you make is the amount you will make without fluctuations.


Transparency is a value consistently in practice at our firm, practiced both amongst our team and with our clients. Through regular meetings, we ensure you are involved with your investments, and feel empowered and secure in your decisions.

Portfolio Construction

Before portfolio construction can begin, Avantera Capital will perform a suitability study that focuses both on your assets as well as the individual and institutions associated with your portfolio in order to see if we can work together.

As part of this study, we take a long, cold, hard look at your portfolio, examining all of the current assets and investments, as well as any debt. We will also help you to define your investment goals and assess how much risk and volatility you’re willing to take on, and what returns you hope to achieve.

Now that we have your risk and return profile in place, our next step is to create an asset allocation strategy. Avantera Captial’s goal is to develop a diverse portfolio with a structure that will maximize returns.

Algorithmic Trading

At Avantera Capital, we harness the power of technology to unlock market investment opportunities that lead to greater growth and returns.

Using over a century of historical investment data, financial strategies, well established trading methods, and philosophies, our proprietary trading algorithm is able to remove human error from the decision making process, creating higher realized returns for your portfolio.

In the U.S. stock market, about 60-75 percent of overall trading volume is generated through algorithmic trading and those trades are often executed at better prices.

Additionally, algorithmic trading allows Avantera to test the strategy we’ve created before we make moves in the market. By using historical and real-time data, we can look to the future to see whether a trading strategy is viable or not.

Risk Management

With Avantera Capital, what was once unpredictable can now be weighed and utilized to grow your investment portfolio. Even while your team rests, our automated risk management system is monitoring and protecting your investments at every tick of the market.

To manage the risk of your assets, we use the power of our algorithmic trading technology to predict with pinpoint accuracy how and when risk will occur during the lifetime of your investments, creating a critical level of security around your entire portfolio.