Benefit From Every Pip of the Market

What if you could utilize every pip in the market to the benefit of your investment portfolio? We are Avantera Capital. We create automated investment strategies guided by economic and trading principles with a proven track record rooted in technology and data science to build the wealth of every investment portfolio we manage. With access to vast sets of Big Data, we analyze and test the accuracy of our systems against historical events to create bulletproof assets and portfolios for our clients across a diverse array of markets.

About Avantera

Avantera Capital is an asset management firm with a focus in algorithmic trading methods, currently operating across many financial markets, including currencies, crypto, stocks, options, commodities, and indices. Born out of a mission to create well balanced portfolios, our automated trading eradicates the chances of human error through calculation and operates 24 hours a day, maximizing the rate of return for all of our accounts.

Our Mission

Diversity is a necessity, especially in our current economic climate. At Avantera Capital, our mission is to unlock new market opportunities, allowing clients to easily create and diversify any portfolio with the power of our AI wealth management technology. Using predictive methodologies, Our AI simplifies investing in currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, options, commodities, and indices, enabling you to achieve higher returns.