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Intelligent Asset Management

We are a Fintech Firm, with a focus in Proprietary Algorithmic Trading and Automating Investment Strategies.

We have two locations globally in Vancouver, Canada and in Dubai, UAE. Our boutique hedge fund was established in 2019, and has serviced many premier sophisticated investors to date.

Avantera Capital is an evolution of business relationships and management expertise built from years of experience in Property Development, Global Remittance, Trade Financing, Commodity trading, and Tech development. The Avantera group of companies led the way to the establishment of practices, values, team and clientele currently in operation at Avantera Capital.

Our main mission is to construct well balanced portfolios aimed at protecting client capital against inflation and producing above industry standard returns; generating sustainable wealth for our investors.

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Market Overview


The Foreign Exchange Market, or Forex market, is the largest financial market in the world. Made up of banks, commercial companies, central banks, investment management firms, hedge funds, retail forex brokers, and investors, the Forex Market allows participants to buy, sell, or exchange currencies, 24 hours a day, 5.5 days a week, and is responsible for trillions of dollars in daily trading activity.

Avantera’s automated trading allows our accounts to utilize every hour the Forex Market is in operation, ensuring our trades retain the highest returns possible for your portfolio.


First implemented in 2009, crypto currencies remain a relatively new investment market for many investors. At Avantera Capital, we are constantly working on new strategies aimed at automating crypto investing, consistently providing new and effective investments for our clients.

By developing a systemized approach to crypto investments, we have established ways to predict how a new crypto market will behave, limiting risk for all clients while adding a new level of diversification to every portfolio.


The Stock Market is the most commonly used Asset class and is used as an established indicator of economic stability and growth.

At Avantera Capital, we work with vast sets of Big Data and a systematic approach to Fundamental Analysis to determine and establish patterns and predict future trends in the Stock market. With our focus in automation and technology, we aim to maintain our consistent growth and output through the development of algorithms and indicators to boost your portfolio.

Real Estate

The Real Estate division of Avantera Capital has been active in the Greater Vancouver area since 2015.

As part of our commitment to creating a well balanced portfolio, Avantera Capital encourages all investors to have a portfolio appropriate real estate exposure. Whether through a simple RE lending solution or establishing a complex multi-family or high rise project

Our Systematic Approach

Portfolio Construction

  • Built with security, income, and growth in mind
  • Constructed and focused on the idea that volatility = opportunity = return

Algorithmic Trading

  • Completely eliminates human error
  • 24 hours of operation
  • Consistent execution- utilizing every tick of the market
  • Strategies formulated to ensure safety against unpredictability in the market

Risk Management

  • Determined through a suitability study
  • Tailored to individual clients and their goals
  • Optimized per currency pair